Key points of who and what we are

Some of the features that make SMARTIESwho and what  we are’:

  • Underpinning  the features below is a true and genuine passion for child care. There has to be a real desire to take the next step forward, to seek out the very best practices and philosophies and not shy away from difficult approaches and applications if they are in the best interests of our children.
  • Our children are precious to us and deserve the very best care that can be provided.
  • Operating hours  to suit most people – 7:30am to 6:00pm
  • Free pre-visits to help settle little ones into a new environment.
  • A ‘home visit’ for you to meet your key worker and discuss your child’s routines and preferences
  • A high proportion of mature and qualified staff
  • Well informed and professional staff through ongoing development
  • Quality learning experiences for all children of all ages
  • Regular feedback to you via report slips and/or verbally
  • Nutritionally balanced and varied meals promoting very healthy eating habits
  • Provision for differing dietary requirements
  • High quality, fresh produce (fruit/vegetables etc.) served daily
  • All children cover all developmental areas via a wide variety of equipment, activities and resources
  • High level of service through genuine, consistent and proven commitment to quality, development and continuous improvement
  • Lots of fresh air, play/learning opportunities, joy and excitement in our huge garden
  • ots opportunities to socialise and mix with other children in our unique large indoor ‘all weather ‘ play area
  •  Continuity of care in our breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs for children aged 4 – 14 years

We at Smarties encourage all parents to view a number of nurseries as it is so important that you make your choice having some experience of a variety of approaches and attitudes.

Remember, it’s the right people in the right environment that makes the real difference.

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