Baby Lounge

Quality care for babies is not only about learning but it’s more importantly about being responsive and sensitive to their individual needs. During a baby’s early part of their life the three prime areas are vital;communication and language, physical development and person,social and emotional development are significant for a young child’s learning and development. Within our baby lounges we understand the stages of development and use sign language to support babies language and communication.

Babies will engage in multi-sensory stimulation such as water, sand and a variety of tactile/messy play, Treasure Baskets and Heuristic play.

Babies and toddlers use the large indoor area and get plenty of fresh air with walks into the local community.  A large part of their day will be spent feeding, cuddling and interacting with their ‘keyperson’. This person will liaise with you on a daily basis regarding your baby’s individual needs. The day will obviously include quiet periods to aid peaceful /restful sleep. The keyperson will discuss your baby’s individual requirements with you prior to starting nursery

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