Partnership With Parents

Our aim at Smarties is to develop and encourage a close relationship with parents. This is essential to the maintenance of a happy, relaxed atmosphere where parents feel part of the continuing process of care and education of their child.

Parents are always welcome to spend time in the nursery or just ‘drop in’¬† either to exchange information about their child¬† or to observe their child playing. This way you don’t miss those magic moments such as mastering new skills. Parents are encouraged to spend time in the nursery prior to their child officially starting, pre-visits are essential as they enable both the child and the parent to become familiar with the nursery and the staff and vice versa. Your child will gain security and confidence whilst you are around, thus enabling a smoother transition from home to nursery. Your child will be allocated a ‘keyperson’ who will be responsible for your child’s well-being. This member of staff will liaise with you and once the child shows signs of settling then you will be encouraged to leave the child for short periods of time.

Your child’s keyperson will keep you informed on a daily basis with regards to your child’s well being, progress and overall development. This is usually done through the following:-

  • Verbal communication,
  • Daily diary is produced for you to take home every day
  • Weekly/monthly progress report, which highlights achievements and general progress
  • We will also carry out development assessments every month and in line with our ‘open access to information policy’ parents are welcome to see and discuss this at any time.

More informal contact is maintained through a nursery newsletter which is written and produced by the nursery directors. The nursery holds regular parents evenings, exhibitions, guest speakers and workshops. This is to enable you and nursery staff to work in partnership.

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