Each home lounge consists of two areas, one being a carpeted area for children to enjoy floor activities, story time and group activities and the other area being either solid wooden floor or vinyl floor designed for the ‘messier’ activities such as art, craft, water, sand, corn flour, jelly play to name but a few.

In each room there is a planned weekly activity programme for parents to view.

This programme fulfils all the areas of the curriculum and is designed to be stimulating, fun and meet children’s individual needs.

Baby Unit – 2 baby lounges each being able to cater for 6 babies from 6 weeks to 24 months
Toddler Unit – 3 lounges, each being able to cater for up to 10 children from 24 months to 3 years
Pre-School Unit – large room divided into curriculum areas. Caters for upto 32 children from 3-5 years

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