Passionate About Childcare
Providing a Safe & Secure Environment
“A place where children have opportunities and choices to freely explore, learn and connect with the world around them….. We call this PLAY!”

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Choosing the right childcare is one of the most important decisions you as a parent can make.

To give a child the best possible start in life, the environment must be nurturing and caring, yet stimulating and challenging. Each child’s individuality must be respected.
A foundation of positive early years experiences will prepare your child for the challenges of childhood and the world beyond.


Home from home – Of feeling relaxed, happy and secure is a huge part of a child’s development. Throughout the nursery everything has been designed to provide a safe, reassuring and homely feel, while also allowing babies and children the freedom to play, be creative and use the space in a way that feels as natural as it would at home.


Smarties offers first class quality child care and learning, it is at the heart of what we do, not only for the sake of our own children, but every child and parent that walks through our doors. We work closely work with parents in many areas of ‘nursery life’ and strive constantly to meet or exceed your needs and more importantly in many respects, the needs of your children.