“We believe a happy child has a high level of wellbeing and involvement which is vital for their learning”

Baby Lounge

Quality care for babies is not only about learning but it’s more importantly about being responsive and sensitive to their individual need by this we mean our staff give plenty of cuddles, interactions and nurture them to ensure they feel secure and happy, providing a nurturing and trusting environment.
We believe a baby’s early parts of their life are vital in communication and language, physical development, social and emotional developments are important in learning and development. Our early year practitioners are trained to understand babies development and use sign language to support babies language and communication. Babies are engaged in multi-sensory stimulation such as water, sand and a variety of tactile/messy play, Treasure Baskets and Heuristic play. We also introduce ‘tummy time’ activities. Babies use the large indoor area and get plenty of fresh air with walks into the local community

Toddlers Lounge

The day includes plenty of messy activities and imaginative play. The programme of activities are designed to help your child develop their social skills such as independence and co-operation, develop their language and intellectual skills as well as their creativity and physical bodies.
All activities whether child focused or adult led will cover all developmental areas such as sand, water, creative fun, music & movement, singing, cooking, construction, table-top toys, role play, physical play and books & stories.
Through a carefully planned programme of play and detailed observation every child’s needs will be met. Alongside activities there will be times for rest for those children who need a nap or just a quiet period. Sleep is never forced but is optional for all children under the guidance of the parent. Staff will also help with potty training in partnership with parents.

Preschool lounge

Our approach is to offer and encourage children to have fun and play, thus developing their confidence, positive attitudes towards learning, independence and a belief in their own ability to achieve success in what ever they do. We place a huge emphasis on having fun and playing, as this is necessary for learning to take place. We offer a child –based learning where the child will lead learning and the adult will scaffold a child learning by supporting them through their play and communicating