Out Of school

We collect and take children from 5 local schools
The breakfast club opens at 7.30am, and breakfast which consists of a selection of nonsugar coated cereals or toast together with a drink of fresh juice or milk is offered. Children are free to choose a game activities.
The club’s ethos is based on having fun, meeting friends & socialising and generally being safe and secure in a relaxed environment. On returning to the after school club from school children have tea (all included in the fees) and are then free to choose how they spend their time until they are collected. There is a full range of exciting activities relevant to children’s individual needs and ages. These range from craft to cooking to sporting activities (weather permitting of course).
Children have the option to participate in these activities or just ‘chill’ with the other facilities and resources available which include computers, a ‘play station’ and ‘karaoke’ to name but a few. Children get the chance to put their ideas forward when planning the activities for future weeks.