Outdoor Learning

‘We believe that outdoor learning is essential to children’s health, development and well-being.’
At Smarties Day Nursery outdoor learning compliments indoor learning and is equally important. Play and learning that flow seamlessly between indoors and outdoors enable children to make the most of resources and materials available to them and develop their ideas without unnecessary interruption. Consequently, it is vital that as an early years setting we maximise the children’s opportunities outdoors.
We aim to use our whole environment as an extension to our indoor classrooms so the children can freely use both indoors and outdoors. Children are happiest when outside and thrive in the natural environment. We make sure our children get every opportunity to be outside whatever the weather with the appropriate clothing.
“There is no such thing has bad weather, only bad clothing!”
The outdoor facility has an 1/2 acre of ground with an amazing maze, willow dome, hills and a ‘mud kitchen’ for children to explore the natural habitat. One of the benefits of being outside, encourage children to be physically healthy.

Partnership with parents

Our aim at Smarties is to develop and encourage a close relationship with parents. This is essential to the maintenance of a happy, relaxed atmosphere where parents feel part of the continuing process of care and education of their child.
Parents are always welcome to spend time in the nursery or just ‘drop in’ either to exchange information about their child or to observe their child playing. This way you don’t miss those magic moments such as mastering new skills. Parents are encouraged to spend time in the nursery prior to their child officially starting, pre-visits are essential as they enable both the child and the parent to become familiar with the nursery and the staff and vice versa. Your child will gain security and confidence whilst you are around, thus enabling a smoother transition from home to nursery.
We will arrange a home visit for us to get to know you and your child from day one, to build the trust and confidence in reassuring you the care we and needs your child requires Your child will be assigned a ‘keyperson’ who will care and support your child’s well-being, learning and development.
Your child’s keyperson will keep you informed on a daily basis use our online learning journey journal and daily communication in reassuring you on your child’s well being, progress and overall development.
We record and monitor your child’s development and progress in through our online journal which you will have daily access too. And you will have a interactive role in supporting us to contribute to your child’s learning and development as well as knowing what your child has eaten, how much they have.